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Aurélie examining her clockwork tattoo. flowers, like everything in her life, she really only finds approachable when mechanical.

I've been having this character fiddling around for a bit now...she's just been unimaginably difficult to put to paper. also NUDITY! well mostly, topless at least. Frankly I couldn't figure out how to draw her tattoo without her being mostly naked, and a chance to draw bloomers of a sort so thats pretty cool too.

This is Aurélie the Engineer of the Airship Mariposa Nocturna. She's from a setting I've been trying to find a proper home for for quite some time now, and finally I think it's starting to come guess what! BACKSTORY!

first off, the setting is the somewhat generic final fantasy-esk setting I've played with for a while, finally getting the full attention and depth...and more importantly, separation from the whole final fantasy setting, that it deserves. in one of those rare moments where things come together, practically instanty I've come up with 3 entire cultures, integrated a fourth, and have the rudiments of a 5, all because of a custom created character I made in soul calibur 5 (who is currently about 60% drawn) who has become the captain of the Miriposa Nocturna with Aurélie as the shy, somewhat (ok quite a bit) socially awkward engineer savant. she's a bit like kaylee without the sex drive. Engineers are the lifeblood of the airship fleet, they're the ones who understand the workings of the Aetheric Drive Engine, which is, of course, what makes airships possible. and Aurélie is one of the best of the best of a people who's entire culture centers around airships. and are without a doubt, the most skilled skysailors in the world, the Roamarii

The Roamarii have what is not quite a caste system, but it is a socially separated kind of class system (yeah yeah it sounds like a caste system, I know) there's the airship sailors and captains, and there's the land dwelling agrarian group. the only way to attain nobility is to own an airship. and only an airship captain can own an airship. obviously most sailors will never be captains, and almost never will an engineer who are seen almost like priests/mages, most of whom would never even DREAM of giving up the joy of working on their beloved engines for the bother of command and nobility, Aurélie certainly falling into that group.

the Agrarian class tend towards simple, conservative dress and mannerisms. they like routine and stability, and earth beneath their feet. the Sailor class, are the opposite. they live to fly, to see everything the world has to offer, never staying long in the same location. the ship is their home, and it takes them everywhere they want to be. they tend towards wild brightly colored clothing and extensive intricate tattoos. to the sailors it's all about expression and freedom, and a stronger group of individuals you're unlikely to meet. so even the shy awkward unsocial engineers are likely to be well covered with body art.

engineers, also, are a strange breed...there's more than just intelligence and learning needed to be an engineer, there's almost magical ability to tend to, and repair their precious engines. also, there are more than a few parts of an Aetheric Drive Engine that falls under the general definition of "magic"

but it's going to have to wait for another update to hear more...
Tindome-Art Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did I mention I love her tattoos? I love her tattoos. And her in general, of course.
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May 20, 2012
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