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Min the Imperial Archivist by Amoryl Min the Imperial Archivist by Amoryl
this is Min, the evolution of my Reader character. Min ran afoul of a pair of students in the Imperial University ( [link] ) and in the ensuing huge fiasco resulted in the banishment of the puppy kickers, the pairing with Corvus, and her dreams of being a librarian being crushed.

Min grew up the daughter of a chamberlain to a country lord, and childhood playmate to the lord's only daughter. She was allowed to sit in on her noble friend's tutoring sessions because the lord figured it was the only way his daughter would pay any attention to schooling at all. Min took to education like a fish to water, and soon was doing most of the tutoring to the lord's daughter herself, much to the tutor's ire. When the daughter turned 16 the lord was to send her to the Imperial University, a privilege granted to the nobility of the Empire, but she had no interest in books or history or school, and convinced her father to send Min instead by claiming Min was his daughter. this wasn't entirely selfish on the daughter's part, she did genuinely care for Min and knew she would gain far more from a full Imperial education than she herself ever would.
And Min, in the university, under the guise of a country nobleman's daughter, thrived. Testing revealed a propensity for magic and was quickly placed in the School of Magic. In school she leaned naturally towards research and library arts and became the favorite of Noella the Mistress of the Imperial Library who began to groom her as her replacement. Mistress Noella granted Min the extremely rare honor of free run of the library (barring the restricted stacks) after hours to pursue her own study interests outside of school hours. Which is where she met and befriended Corvus, a student in the Imperial Academy of Arms, an officer's training school who's graduates tend to go on to become generals, Imperial Governors, and the like. Since students of the Academy spend a great deal of their time out in the field, attached to various military campaigns across the Empire and beyond, they are also granted after hours access to the library whenever they're in the capital to catch up on the actual history and military theory that is necessary for a well educated officer.

Min's success in the University is not without rivalries, however, and her status as the head of the class angers a classmate who's strength in magic is eclipsed only by her ambition, and sense of self importance. angry at being relegated to second place, she hatches a scheme with her lover, a warrior who shares both her ambition, ruthlessness, and belief in his own natural position at the top of the food chain. they hatch a plan to humiliate Min during graduation at the Ritual of Choosing, a ceremony where the graduating mages are given the opportunity to choose a companion. these companions are warriors from a martial school trained to compliment a mage's magical abilities. The classmate's lover convinces Min that he and the classmate had a falling out, and that were Min to choose him in the ceremony, that he would say yes. Min not being the most outgoing and worldly of students, manages to completely miss the very suspiciousness of the situation, and when she talks to Corvus about it later, doesn't mention who it is who's agreed to be her companion (had she, Corvus would surely have warned her of what was coming)

As Min sat through her graduation ceremony, Corvus (who's much simpler graduation was earlier that morning) was summoned by the Imperial Oracle and told that he must become Min's companion, that Min was the key to the survival of the Empire, but if Corvus wasn't there at her side at that future time, all would be lost. and that Min was about to be humiliated, very publicly by her classmate and her lover. Corvus doesn't have enough time to stop the plot, but he is able to turn the tables on the plotters by crashing the ceremony and very publicly requested the honor to be her companion, and did so through the original pledge that hadn't been used in over 500 years, a pledge that stipulated, if she refused his offer, he would die. the end result was the romantic story of a young officer digging up an ancient oath to pledge himself to a girl who'd just been rejected cruelly and obviously intentionally that would be repeated for years, the irritation of the archmagus being directed against the classmate's lover and the loss of the expected moment of superiority when the classmate successfully chose the companion who rejected Min "Oh, aren't you popular today, are you going to actually say yes this time or have we just wasted years training you to be something other than a stablehand? no, you don't have to do the fancy oath, a simple yes will suffice, ancestors know you'd likely forget the words anyway"

graduation day is a huge event for the empire complete with an enormous feast for all graduates of all the schools in the University (obviously not all in the same room, there's just too many) with the mage school feasting in the great hall with the emperor himself (well they can mostly see the emperor at the super far end of the massive hall). Corvus, however does not get to enjoy the feast with his new companion, and the rest of the chosen as his squad earned the honor to take the place of the Emperor's personal guard for the night (the lucky guardians who's place is taken get their only night off the whole year) the classmate and her lover spend the evening mocking Min about her companion not even bothering to make it to the feast, and foisting her off to some other sucker who clearly didn't know better, later in the night away from the feast, a now drunk pair run afoul of Min and the gentleman that Corvus asked to be Min's companion for the feast, and the classmate suggests that the new companion is too pretty for Min, and perhaps her lover should make him more ugly. the lover draws his knife and advances on Min's temporary companion only to be interrupted by one of the Emperor's personal guard. the pair then claim that Min ordered her companion to attack them, and that the lover was only defending himself. Unfortunately unbeknownst to him, or Min, the companion was one of the personal guardians on his one night off (his place having been taken by Corvus) and falsely accusing him of assaulting without provocation an Imperial citizen is a serious crime. because the classmate is from a very influential noble family, instead of the usual punishment of death, they are instead banished from the empire, but in the investigation it's revealed that Min is not actually a nobleman's daughter, and was not qualified to have attended the university in the first place. this ultimately goes before the Emperor's judgement, and the result is an official adoption by the country lord, retroactive to the first day of school, but a punishment of not being allowed to remain working in the Imperial Library after graduation. mostly because the Emperor has more use for a trained officer named Corvus than a future possibly useful librarian. The mistress of the Library is very upset at the Emperor basically stealing her successor out from under her and retaliates by appointing Min to the position of Imperial Archivist (an end of career position given only to a handful of the most experienced librarians, all of which were at least 5 decades older than Min) a title that gives Min full unfettered access to any Imperial Library anywhere.
Tindome-Art Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I say! You've outdone yourself with this one! Your drawing style has never seemed so smooth! As always, your outfits are works of art, and in this picture the background complements her sooo well. One really gets a sense of her personality from her face and looks, too!
Amoryl Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
she was mostly drawn before the loss of the prior scanner and the artistic slump, so it was a more honest evolution of my backgrounds before the backslide, everyone else is playing catchup. but there were a lot of erased attempts at the background before I finally settled on this one
Tindome-Art Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
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