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I'm your Huckleberry by Amoryl I'm your Huckleberry by Amoryl
This is Elishmaera McDunn, gunslinger, "daughter" of a notorious outlaw, and best friend of Vaalah.

She was born a princess, and spent most of her life essentially locked away in the royal palace. Elven society is very rigidly stratified and mired in tradition. As such her only role in life was to eventually be married off to another member of the elven aristocracy. tired of a life spent treated as little more than an expensive possession she bode her time until she could flee home. Even though she knew that the insult and shame to her parents would result in them sending hunters out after her to capture and/or kill her. having never been off the palace grounds, she was woefully unprepared for her escape. barely a week's ride away, her horse died and she was lost and alone in the forest in winter. she had no food, insufficient clothing, and no shelter. She would have died had she not been found by an old human named McDunn, who took her to his cabin and nursed her back to health.
    Taking her fears of hunters seriously, McDunn gathered up his guns while she slept and went looking for pursuit. When he found a pack of six elves moving like ghosts through the woods, he knew instantly that they weren't a rescue party. Though they were skilled hunters and assassins, McDunn was an expert, on his home turf, and the elves weren't expecting anyone like him. he killed them all, buried the bodies, and removed all traces of their and Elishmaera's presence.

    McDunn thought of her as the daughter he never had, and spent the remainder of his life teaching her everything he knew, most of which involved surviving the life of an outlaw. Elishmaera proved to be a bright, eager student, who would eventually surpass her legendary teacher.

    In his final days, McDunn revealed his stash of loot from a lifetime of andventuring and crime, and gave her his prized possessions, a pair of expertly crafted pistols he named Chastity and Temperance (joking that they were as close to either as he'd ever get). Elishmaera buried the only person who'd ever made her feel safe and loved, and set off into the world of man. She wandered for a couple years, sticking mainly to larger cities to avoid the elven hunters who were certainly still after her, and was on her way to the fabled city of Ironport, the largest human city in the world, when she was ambushed by a band of Hobgoblins, and rescued by Vaalah, who was also heading to Ironport. the two became instant friends, and have been inseparable ever since.

Elishmaera (the E is clipped or silent altogether, pronounced 'lish-MARE-ah') is about 6'5" with inhumanly long legs. she like all elves possess superb reflexes and agility. She is a crack shot, and exemplary gunfighter. if she hasn't already surpassed her father, it's a close thing. and McDunn was largely considered to be the best gunslinger the world had known. Personality wise, she's stubborn and brash. Likely to act first and think later. a life spent being treated like a doll in court, and more recently living in the deep woods with an old outlaw trying to teach her the ways of the world (like who you can swindle, who you can go to for help, and who, when you see their eyes you should promptly mount your horse and ride for the horizon as fast as you can) has resulted in her being socially awkward. She's not good with groups, tends to say whatever is on her mind, and tends to put most people off. Vaalah, being a much more confident  but equally brash and outspoken type herself, found both a kindred spirit, and a potential inside Elishmaera begging to come out. And has taken it as a personal mission to turn an ugly duckling into the beautiful swan she really is.
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July 11, 2015
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