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Rogue Trader Astropath by Amoryl
Rogue Trader Astropath
So several years ago I started on this character for :iconIxchel-Boronaq: its her Rogue Trader astropath. to be honest, I didn't know much about her back when I started, and I pretty much never had finished the original, and had just recently come back across it while I was cleaning up my pile of drawing pads. so I decided to give it another shot, I had the details of the previously largely finished drawing to work off of, and a couple memories of her description. I also tried out a couple new things, broke out my watercolor pencils, and the new water soluable graphite. I'm not entirely happy with the results of either. I've still got a lot of practice for either to work to my satisfaction, but at least I finally put out something involving them. and thats the first step I guess.
Helgrid Queen of the Dwarves by Amoryl
Helgrid Queen of the Dwarves
Helgrid, Queen of the Dwarves, mother to Vaalah.

    Dwarves usually have little contact with the world outside their mountains (a mountain will hold an entire dwarven nation with their own king/queen, often with little contact between them) though many will have at least have some trade relations with nearby towns or farming villages for things like fresh food and cloth that are hard to come by deep inside their mountains. The town nearest Helgrid's mountain was overrun by an orc war party, resulting in Helgrid leading 1500 dwarven soldiers (with more to follow as needed) to reclaim the town and rescue any survivors. this decision was against the very vocal argument of her 4 husbands and 3 wives, as she was heavily pregnant with twins, and a week past her due date. She refused to listen, even when she couldn't fit into her armor due to her condition, she threw the parts she couldn't squeeze into across the room and declared she'll march without it. Kellah, her first wife then summoned the clerics and demanded that if the Queen was foolish enough to march to war half naked and pregnant, then she at least be covered in Runes of Protection. Dwarven runes are mostly used to protect, and strengthen important and permanent things like vault doors and support pillars, as the ingredients required to produce them are rare and expensive, including finely ground precious gemstones, metals, and the glowing blood of Deepserpent.

    Helgrid grudgingly agreed to the vastly expensive (these runes cost more than even a wealthy dwarf would earn in several years) temporary tattoos, marched to war, and slew the orc war chief, though one of her husbands, Vaalskaag was killed in the fighting. Helgrid severed the orc war chief's head, and mounted his throne, where she immediately went into labor. Stubborn like only a dwarf can be, she refused to get up once she'd sat, and gave birth in the open in the middle of the town on a throne of an orc. With his severed head at her feet, watching the whole thing. A boy and girl were born, and she named them Skaagi and Vaalah, after her slain husband.

    Helgrid is strong, stubborn, and absolutely the one in charge. She speaks her mind, and demands others do as well. Her arguments with her spouses are legendary, as they have to be as stubborn as she is, though they always make up afterwards. In Kellah's case, however, it was a month before she'd share a bed with her queen again.

    Dwarves live a hard life. the mountain depths are dangerous and unforgiving, the air is often bad, tunnels collapse, poisonous gasses rise from cracks and fissures, food is hard to generate. Weak things die. So dwarves all grow strong and tough like the stone and metal they mine. This has led to a society that doesn't have a great deal of difference between men and women beyond reproductive differences. it's also led to a Work hard Party harder culture. Dwarves drink heavily, sing, dance, and party whenever they're not hard at work (though they spend the majority of their waking hours working, so they have to squeeze in a lot of party in a short amount of time) and let it all out during the week long holiday called "The Founding". It's a week long holiday marking the anniversary of the founding of the mine, and is a holiday held by every dwarf kingdom (though each holiday is held on that particular mine's founding) and is a week of parties and hedonism, and is responsible for about 30-40% of dwarven children on average. Dwarves tend to marry late if at all, and instead most spend the first several centuries of their lives taking a series of lovers of both sexes. One theory of the widespread belief that all dwarves have beards is because of confusion created when male dwarves were seen married to other male dwarves, and it was assumed that one of them must be female (and so, all dwarves must look the same)

    as Queen, Helgrid was expected to be a bit more settled than the majority of her people, but, being the stubborn type "settled" in her own way. While polyamory isn't uncommon, most limit themselves to an extra spouse, on rare occasions 2. Helgrid married all her current lovers when she took the throne claiming she would "settle" in her own damn way. Though she claims to have settled, she is still known even now to take the occasional new lover, though they're always very short term, and purely physical liaisons.

I'm your Huckleberry by Amoryl
I'm your Huckleberry
This is Elishmaera McDunn, gunslinger, "daughter" of a notorious outlaw, and best friend of Vaalah.

She was born a princess, and spent most of her life essentially locked away in the royal palace. Elven society is very rigidly stratified and mired in tradition. As such her only role in life was to eventually be married off to another member of the elven aristocracy. tired of a life spent treated as little more than an expensive possession she bode her time until she could flee home. Even though she knew that the insult and shame to her parents would result in them sending hunters out after her to capture and/or kill her. having never been off the palace grounds, she was woefully unprepared for her escape. barely a week's ride away, her horse died and she was lost and alone in the forest in winter. she had no food, insufficient clothing, and no shelter. She would have died had she not been found by an old human named McDunn, who took her to his cabin and nursed her back to health.
    Taking her fears of hunters seriously, McDunn gathered up his guns while she slept and went looking for pursuit. When he found a pack of six elves moving like ghosts through the woods, he knew instantly that they weren't a rescue party. Though they were skilled hunters and assassins, McDunn was an expert, on his home turf, and the elves weren't expecting anyone like him. he killed them all, buried the bodies, and removed all traces of their and Elishmaera's presence.

    McDunn thought of her as the daughter he never had, and spent the remainder of his life teaching her everything he knew, most of which involved surviving the life of an outlaw. Elishmaera proved to be a bright, eager student, who would eventually surpass her legendary teacher.

    In his final days, McDunn revealed his stash of loot from a lifetime of andventuring and crime, and gave her his prized possessions, a pair of expertly crafted pistols he named Chastity and Temperance (joking that they were as close to either as he'd ever get). Elishmaera buried the only person who'd ever made her feel safe and loved, and set off into the world of man. She wandered for a couple years, sticking mainly to larger cities to avoid the elven hunters who were certainly still after her, and was on her way to the fabled city of Ironport, the largest human city in the world, when she was ambushed by a band of Hobgoblins, and rescued by Vaalah, who was also heading to Ironport. the two became instant friends, and have been inseparable ever since.

Elishmaera (the E is clipped or silent altogether, pronounced 'lish-MARE-ah') is about 6'5" with inhumanly long legs. she like all elves possess superb reflexes and agility. She is a crack shot, and exemplary gunfighter. if she hasn't already surpassed her father, it's a close thing. and McDunn was largely considered to be the best gunslinger the world had known. Personality wise, she's stubborn and brash. Likely to act first and think later. a life spent being treated like a doll in court, and more recently living in the deep woods with an old outlaw trying to teach her the ways of the world (like who you can swindle, who you can go to for help, and who, when you see their eyes you should promptly mount your horse and ride for the horizon as fast as you can) has resulted in her being socially awkward. She's not good with groups, tends to say whatever is on her mind, and tends to put most people off. Vaalah, being a much more confident  but equally brash and outspoken type herself, found both a kindred spirit, and a potential inside Elishmaera begging to come out. And has taken it as a personal mission to turn an ugly duckling into the beautiful swan she really is.
Heavy Metal Party Girl by Amoryl
Heavy Metal Party Girl
here we have Vaalah again, this time in more formal attire. I really like the concept that dwarf formal wear being largely formed of metal and leather. but I wanted it to be ornate and finely woven, not just fancy armor. a dwarf fancy dress will be sexy and slinky but still have that flavor of dwarfishness.

also, she's not much of a wine drinker.
Big attitude, small package by Amoryl
Big attitude, small package
so I was working on another character and couldn't get the pose right. at one point the character was shorter and stockier than I was aiming for, and I thought "she could almost work as a dwarf" and I suddenly got an imagine in my mind of this. and a whole bunch of ideas just burst forth.

Vaalah is a dwarf in a fantasy steampunk/western setting. she'll ultimately become the defacto leader of a D&D like campaign party of all women, each from a different race from around their world. Despite being the shortest of the party, she holds the role of the team heavy, wearing custom heavy armour and wielding various types of heavy weapons such as the mini-gun in the picture, and carrying an axe for close quarter melee combat. When not in combat, she takes the role of the party's mechanic/tinkerer. also not pictured, is her pet/companion Hrellki, a 150lb saber toothed mountain cat she adopted as a kitten. When traveling, she rides in a large armoured wooden merchant wagon pulled by 4 pony sized mountain rams.


The Wanderer
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it's been over a year since I've done a Journal entry? kinda pathetic

well, to give a quick update; I've moved, not out of country or state or anything, but to some shiny new digs on the east bay. already I'm much MUCH happier about it. could even see myself living here for a few years by choice. it's stunning what a psychologically depressing effect the old place had pretty much the moment of move in. it also made me realize some things about how I treat the various apartments and living in general, and I'm working on making my apartment not merely a place I sleep and keep my stuff, but an actual home. which I historically have not done. Just little things, mind. Like actually hanging a picture or two on the walls, buying furniture and appliances that aren't completely disposable, and having an actual place for things instead of merely left in boxes or stacked/piled on the floor.

on the other hand, at the moment, I do not have a scanner, so nothing new will be forthcoming for a little while yet. I was never happy with the canon Pixma scanner I had, and when Mom's printer ate itself, it didn't take much thought to ship her mine. fortunately she's loving it in all the ways I did not, so it's found a good home. my next scanner will be a wide format 11x17 so I can finally scan my drawings in one single scan rather than 2 and then merging them in one. the big issue with the Pixma was that the corners weren't true 90degrees and getting the two scans to line up properly was pretty frustrating.

overall, things are going pretty well...and there's some plans on the horizon that when they come to fruition will vastly improve my general disposition, so yay.
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